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Programme Contact:

Welcome to the Ubuntu Institute Website

The Ubuntu Institute is a leading social enterprise in Southern Africa with both nonprofit and for-profit divisions. The nonprofit arm focuses on five of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s); Education, HIV / AIDS, Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, Economic Development and Entreperneurship and Environmental sustainability.


Ubuntu Institute Programmes:

  • Education: The Ubuntu Institute Education programme is focused on skills development, training, providing employment opportunities and scholarships for youth and adults between 15-45 years of age from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. … Read more
  • HIV/AIDS: The Ubuntu Institute HIV/AIDS programme is focused on HIV/AIDS prevention with the specific goal of lowering/reducing HIV/AIDS incidence levels in Southern Africa. Our focus is in working with traditional and cultural leaders is to address socio-cultural aspects of HIV/AIDS … Read more
  • Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women: The Ubuntu Institute gender equality and women empowerment programme seeks to address the vulnerability of young girls and women to HIV/AIDS, poverty, gender based violence, etc. The focus of the programme is on the intersection of culture, heritage and the empowerment of women … Read more
  • Economic Development and Entrepreneurship: The Ubuntu Institute economic development and entrepreneurship programme is focused on business development, capacity building for entrepreneurship development and social entrepreneurship promoting cultural industries and rural development in Southern Africa … Read more
  • Environmental Sustainability: The Ubuntu Institute Environmental Sustainability programme seeks to mobilize traditional and community leaders in Southern Africa to get involved in environmental education, awareness and sustainability programmes using indigenous methods … Read more


To be a leading organization contributing to the eradication of HIV/AIDS, empowerment of women, eradication of poverty and providing access to education in Africa.


To achieve our vision through the use of African cultural values, heritage and indigenous knowledge systems.

Values and Objectives

Please take the time to explore our strategic objectives and values.


Read about the implementation of our strategies in programs covering HIV/AIDS, gender, economic development, education and environmental sustainability.

Read more about how the Ubuntu Institute is contributing to real change in the SADC region through its programs.